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What does “100-year flood” mean?

Many people hear the term “100-year flood” and are confused about what this actually means and how it affects their property as well as their flood insurance coverage. The 100-year flood is synonymous with several other terms that you may have heard, including “Base...

What does “500-year flood” mean?

As with the “100 year flood”, the meaning of the term “500 year flood” is also often times misunderstood. Many people do not understand how it affects their structure as well as their flood insurance coverage. The 500-year flood zone is used to designate base...

MBA NJ Regional Conference

We will be at the MBA NJ Regional Conference from March 25-29, 2018 in Atlantic City, NJ.  We’re excited to be hosting a cocktail event each night from 5-7pm in partnership with WebMax.  If you’d like to join, visit us at Booth #509 for details.