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Superior reports for guaranteed compliance.

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Our company is built on integrity, accuracy and innovation, because every consumer deserves the best information. Our reports utilize pinpoint accurate mapping technology supported by a live resource center and insured by $2M of E&O per report.


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Flood Determinations

Our Flood Determinations set industry standards and establish the true flood status of any property nationwide based on location of a habitable structure.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Visual Verification
  • Nationwide
  • Insured $2M E&O each
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Expert Support

Tideland Reports (NJ Only)

The State of New Jersey holds riparian (tidelands) claim on currently and formerly flowed tidal waters. Owners must pay annual ‘rental’ to the State in the form of a lease or license.
  • Search for Tidelands claims
  • Insured $2M E&O each
  • Review for Grants, Licenses or Leases
  • Expert Support

Property PEEK (NJ Only)

Our most comprehensive and customizable report, the Property PEEK Deluxe report includes:

  • 20-year Tax Assessment History
  • Tax map with Satellite Imagery
  • Zoning Map
  • Historical Aerials (going back to 1930)
  • Category 1 Streams
  • Wetlands
  • Preserved & Open Spaces
  • DEP-Reported Contaminated Sites
  • Farmland
  • Highlands Management
  • Pineland Management
  • Topography
  • Soils Data
  • Sewer Service Areas
  • Not Insured


Get answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about our flood determination reports.

What is a flood determination report?

A flood determination report is a document that provides information and confirms the flood status of a specific property. What sets our reports from others is the technology we utilize for superior precision and the expert staff we have in place for analysis and support.

Can I use a flood determination to challenge my current flood status?

Yes. There are many properties that have been previously misidentified, and a WTG flood determination can help confirm the true flood status of any property, and our team can help you should you challenge your previous status.

Can you help lower flood insurance premiums?

If your property was previously misidentified, a certified and insured report from WTG proving otherwise, plus the support of our team can help get your flood insurance premiums reduced or eliminated. Additional steps beyond the report may be required by your insurer. We can help.

Are your flood determination reports insured?

Yes, WTG’s flood determination reports are insured for Errors & Omission to $2,000,000 per event.

If a high-risk zone touches my property, but not my home, do I need flood insurance?

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) guidelines only refer to the structure location in relation to the high-risk zone. If your property touches a high-risk zone, but your structure does not, you do not require flood insurance. This is why the precision of our reports is so important.

Why are WTG flood determinations better than other available resources?

We offer a particularly exceptional and accurate report, thanks to proprietary technology and expert analysis that sets the bar for industry best practices. Our reports are pinpoint accurate, certified and insured.

Are you using the new maps for your flood determination reports?

The idea of “new” vs. “old” maps is a misconception.¬† There are current maps, called “effective” maps that we use for our determinations. Then there are “preliminary” maps designed to give a glimpse at the future, but not to be used as the basis for an official flood determination.

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